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Pachie is a photographic locale which is aimed to improve & reshape how photo-communities & platforms look, feel, interact, behave, support & nourish the community. Whether you shoot analog or digital does not matter, what does to us here is that you are passionate about your photography. 


We take pride in delivering a gallery in which you can showcase your work in the best possible way there is. Elegant. Professional. Tailored to your needs. 


Here at Pachie, we want to focus on building a community of photographers who can connect, share their experiences, 

locate trusted labs and services they need as well as develop techniques & progress their photography. 


To do this, creative tools must be developed & launched. 


Member's Chatbox

A messenger chatbox allowing for both private & group messaging between members has been launched to connect our shooters together. 



This global tool allows users & members to locate developing labs, 

film supply stores, print shops, camera repair stores, workshops,

city-based photographic events & private suppliers who sell gear. 

The intent of Locator is to provide the best services there are where quality is Numero Uno. 



Pachie will launch a zine building department where users & members can design & create their very own zines all through the site. Members will be able to upload their zines to the Pachie Store for further distribution. 


Pachie Store

Have a zine you just created on Pachie or prints you would like to sell? 

We would like to support the work our members produce by providing them with a personal E-commerce account on our Pachie Store so they are able to promote themselves with any merchandise they wish to sell. 


Think Tank

This a page for our members in which ideas & suggestions can be displayed & discussed to benefit the community or the site itself. 

Growth is best made organically & we believe that by having this option open to our members, we can achieve rapid growth & functionality as well as indulge in our member's cre



Pachie's blog will help connect everyone in a single place. 

You will find intersting news, updates, stories & information here & members are welcome to upload relevant content. 


Pachie is here for all that aspire to be recognized & to help support the work you produce, whether you're a top dog or an underdog, you got a place to come to. 



   Shoot first, ask questions later 




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